About Us

The Sustained Dialogue brings together diverse stakeholders including national policy makers, the private sector, and the broader international development community. Dialogue among these diverse international organizations and their members fosters new relationships and advances the world’s understanding of how nuclear science and technology can serve our shared interest of sustainable development while identifying and addressing barriers to their access. By creating a cooperative and engaging environment, the Sustained Dialogue cultivates greater awareness of where nuclear technologies deliver the greatest impact.

To this end, the dialogue will begin by focusing on promoting peaceful applications of nuclear science to advance food and water security, improve medical outcomes, and tackle the challenges of climate change. But this is only the start, as we anticipate future expansion in breadth and depth to ensure that all potential peaceful applications of nuclear science are considered.

In 2018, it was estimated that there were over 18 million new cancer cases and over 9.5 million related deaths. By 2030, these figures are expected to increase to over 24 million new cancer cases a year and 13 million deaths, 70% of which will occur in the developing world. Reducing the number of deaths requires expanding access to the medical infrastructure, improving institutional resilience, and building expertise and technical capacity to most effectively leverage the facilities to serve the health needs of the local community. 

Our global climate is changing primarily because of human activity and greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power provides a reliable form of carbon-free electricity, and nuclear science provides a suite of scientific tools to monitor and mitigate environmental impacts such as drought, erosion, pollution, and emissions. As threatening changes in complex ecosystems accelerate, nuclear science is an important tool in building a hospitable and sustainable future.

The global population surpassed 8 billion people in 2022 and the global supply of food is threatened by the effects of climate change. Local producers struggle to keep up with demand. Nuclear technology includes proven techniques to improve the nutrition and resilience of worldwide agriculture, contributing to the responsible use of soil, irrigation, pest control, and vector-born illness.


The Sustained Dialogue is a program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs and the UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero. It leverages the expertise of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the global technical lead in nuclear science and technology, and it complements the critical work of the IAEA to fully demonstrate the utility of the peaceful atom. The Sustained Dialogue is facilitated by CRDF Global with the support of over 30 nations. If you are interested in engaging with the dialogue, we invite you to reach out and get involved.